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Are you ready to live your best freakin' GFAF life? Grab your gluten free merch before it's too late! Only a few sizes left, once they're gone, they're gone.


Gluten free AND planet friendly?

All our merch is made by ethical suppliers using organic and recycled material, printed locally and sent in eco-friendly packaging. Everything is made to order so there's no waste. We want to try to do our bit to help the planet while we make you look damn cool.


Haven't worn a sweatshirt in an age but the logo was so cool I had to have one. The shirt is really comfortable, fits to size and the quality is excellent. Got one for my coeliac daughter too and she loves it.


When I bought my sweatshirt, my wife immediately wanted one too. we both wear them and regularly asked what it means..... the explanation always brings a smile. I have now ordered a t-shirt!


Love this bag! I put it over my shoulder in supermarkets and when I’m in the Free From section it has provoked conversations with fellow GF folk. We all have a whinge at the lack of goods and the prices!